An exclusive club of dedicated blockchain + cannabis investors & lovers

We help our members discover the best products, technology, how-to guides, experiences and get exclusive access to perks around the world.

CBZ Pass holders get 50% of the votes and rights in CBZ DAO & are 50% owners of all CBZ Secondary Royalties.

Life and Style
Each CornerBoyz will work as a pass for different types of benefit$ and discounts on cannabis & cannabis related products + access to events around the World and the Metaverse. CornerBoyz have 50% of the votes and rights of the CBZ DAO.

FLOWER$ Protocol
420 unique Seeds and once they generate all the flower$ they have, they die.

After certain period of time your Seed will turn into a full grown flower and your Strain will be revealed bringing IRL benefits to its holder.

Compete with others to be awarded CBZ Master Grower of the year at our IRL anual event in Malibu, California.

A collective working together is stronger than any single member. CBZ Pass holders get 50% of the votes in the DAO, the remaining 50% goes to the CornerBoyz.

We specialize in developing and investing in the global cannabis and blockchain industries, ensuring that we consistently deliver the highest quality solutions to our partners and users worldwide.

A better, cooler currency
Candy$ can be used by anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Candy$ is a decentralized stablecoin that is open to all industries. Any individual or business can realize the advantages of digital money.
Traceability, from seed to sale
A cloud-based blockchain software designed to streamline quality control and inventory testing processes, providing an efficient solution for Hemp, CBD, and Cannabis companies

Palermo, Buenos Aires
The Club
A home for the world’s creatives to come together and belong.

Members have access to everything in the CornerBoyz world - from our club spaces and desktops to our yoga retreats, technology, dinners, screening rooms, and events.
Brand partnerships
Mystery Box
Collaborative Brand Experience: Unlock an exclusive digital collectible branded NFT MysteryBox with virtual perks and unique experiences.

The best plant in the world
Club House
Experience the splendor of an outdoor cultivation at El Bolson, Patagonia accompanied by an unique Club House exclusively designed for our members.

Immerse yourself in a sanctuary dedicated to the finest natural treatments, where you can indulge in the serene beauty of nature.

CornerBoyz Metaverse
The Highlands
Once upon a time a unique and never-before-seen cannabis plant was born. The Magic Seed was the key to the Magic Tree, the portal to the Highlands, home of the CornerBoyz, a world floating in a cloud made of cannabis smoke.

We connect entrepreneurs, investors, executives, engineers, academics, industry experts, cultural influencers, and more within the tech & cannabis ecosystem. Our extensive network includes technical and executive talent, marketing resources, Fortune 500/Global 2000 companies, cultural leaders, technology decision-makers, and key opinion leaders. This network underscores CornerBoyz's commitment to supporting our portfolio companies' growth, providing entrepreneurs with comprehensive expertise and insights for company-building.

Our Roadmap
The CBZ Founder Pass gets you access to the founder software panel that we are building. We think it’s important for you to know the existing plans so you can make an educated decision whether or not to mint. Here’s our planned roadmap:
  • JUNE 19, 2022

    CBZ Pass Mint

    Mint a CBZ Pass.

  • WEEK OF JUNE 27, 2022


    CBZ Pass holders will get early access to Strains collection.

  • WEEK OF JULY 25, 2022


    4200 unique CornerBoyz are going to be available, first to CBZ Pass holders.

  • WEEK OF OCTOBER 15, 2022

    CornerBoyz Podcast & Launch event in LA

    Private event for CornerBoyz holders in Los Angeles.

  • WEEK OF OCTOBER 15, 2022

    CornerBoyz Newsletter #1

    Industry news you might not know about delivered to your inbox every week. This will be a great way to stay on top of great news about what’s going on. We reveal the 1st box.

  • WEEK OF OCTOBER 29, 2022

    CornerBoyz Mystery Box #1

    The first 4200 boxes will be shipped to the CornerBoyz holders.

Born in Malibu.